A Toxic Nonprofit System

Do it for love, not money is the concept of the Federal Nonprofit system when it was first created. A system where the government provides funding through grants to Do-ers and Makers whose work contributes to lifting up the USA by its bootstraps while also rewarding donors for their financial contributions to these groups. Through this system, the USA saw tremendous growth in the foundational areas vital to a country’s survival: Education, Science, Health, Manufacturing, Arts/Culture, Shelter, and Resource access.

Wealth Factor Introduced Corruption

The occupational fields that professionals go into today out of a desire to be a contributing part of the Helper-Community, whose contributions are necessary for a fully functioning and efficient government system, are now competing against a Wealth Factor that should not be in the system in the first place. A Wealth Factor that was made possible by cheating and corrupting the Nonprofit System to create power consolidation outlets that harm a large portion of Americans. A direct contradiction of the Federal Nonprofit System reason for existing.

Wealth Factor Became a Psychological Domestic Warfare

The Wealth Factor created unnecessary competition for government grants and donors forcing the Professionally-Trained Helpers, such as doctors, professors, and scientists, to spend more time begging and pleading for grants and donations rather than spending that time doing the work of making the nation a better place to live. If we explore the roots of the Wealth Factor we will discover a pattern of laziness and cheating as mediocrity and unskilled Actors play the role of a Professional in the Nonprofit industry while forcing the Real Professionals out using mental abuse tricks such as triangulation and smear campaigns – psychological domestic warfare.

Wealth Factor Became a Corporate Exploitation of Government Leaders

The Federal Nonprofit system is a Socialist construct of the USA. The USA is both Capitalist and Socialist at the same time. The taxes paid by the people are used for the people. It was not designed for corporate greed made possible through Special Interest Lobbyists influencing government leaders as Nonprofit PACs bribe the government leaders through election contributions. Through Congressional manipulation, the Corporation was turned into a Legal American Person by the Citizens United Law. That Constitutional declaration then allowed the Corporations to gain power over American Citizens as Federal and State Laws were created in their favor over the individual.

Wealth Factor Became a FREE Labor Exploitation of its Volunteers

The Federal Nonprofit system should never be used for greed or power consolidation purposes. It should never be used to exploit volunteers for free labor of these Toxic Nonprofits through emotional guilt & coercion of the participants.

Wealth Factor Must be Explored Deeper to Remove the Toxicity

When the Federal Nonprofit system is used for Wealth Hoarding and Embezzlement of federal funds while playing a role in power consolidation through the exploitation by politicians and lobbyists, it is no longer serving its original purpose – to pull the nation up by its bootstraps. When a system is broken, it is time to fix it. To fix this one requires an examination of the Wealth Factor that corrupted it.