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Fair Market Value on Donated Time


Increase the efficiencies of communities by giving a fair market value to donated time. When comparing the the two values of time vs money, time is more valuable. It can never be given back and once it is spent that time is gone forever. Yet time is often treated as if it were an abundant […]

Preservation of First Amendment Rights


First Amendment gives the people of America the right to petition our government to redress a grievance and to assemble and gather peacefully. When our current vehicles that support our voice and accountability measures are removed by distrust – the media & intelligence agencies – while the elected officials who are to be representatives of […]

Banning Abortion is Unconstitutional


Fourteenth Amendment of U.S. Constitution literary analysis The Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the […]

U.S. Government Would Work Better If There Were No Politicians


The U.S. Government Would Work Better If There Were No Politicians   Listen to the blog narration No time to read? Click on the headset to listen to our CEO narrate this blog. Growing up Conservative Baptist I remember taking a moral stance in arguments where I would argue for an absolute truth about a […]

How to Logically Fix the Affordable Care Act


How to Logically Fix the Affordable Care Act Calling Healthcare By Its Generic Name: A Retail System The healthcare system of America is a retail system. And with all other retail systems, one must use buying incentives to attract buyers to it. For the Affordable Care Act to have the balance of healthy buyers to […]

Generic Governments


Understanding Government Systems in Generic Terms A: Definition A government is a circular system of money, services, and things (products, goods, stuff) and how these elements (money, services, things) are distributed to those within that system. B. Types of Government Systems A government does not produce its own revenue and must obtain that money from […]

Common Sense Firearm Protection Proposal using Capitalistic Measures​


Getting Away from Fear’s Grip – Common Sense Firearm Protection Proposal Using Capitalistic Measures What is the common sense solution? Shared responsibility through local community regulatory systems. Using the rules of capitalism and a system of accountability that has proven to be successful over the year for other dangerous items sold on the retail markets. […]

Taxes: An Investment in America & the Community


Taxes: An Investment in America & the Community Investment Math of Taxes Imagine if there was a crowdfunding program that benefited entire communities that only cost its investors 24 cents a day with a $420,000 a week yield. You would say “Sign me up for that!” or “No way that’s possible!”. Taxes are an investment […]

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