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Are you working with unrealistic expectations?


Here’s the scenario: You have been allocated a $300 budget to deliver the client’s expected results without any staff support. The client wants a $10,000 product. Do you decline the project or do you see it as challenge and embrace it? Most would probably look at this and think, “Hey, I’m really good at what […]

The middle class contribution to America by its apparel & textile industry


The textile and apparel industry is the second oldest manufacturing industry in America and helped create the middle class. Steel is the oldest and began around the same time–railroads led to mail order catalogs which led to increase need for textile and apparel plants to supply the ever growing demand of the latest fashions of […]

The 5 words for healing, unity, and growth


In taking on a difficult task of redefining the word stewardship into 5 words for a church, God revealed an even greater message to me in that job. It wasn’t until I started applying the 5 words to my own life, often times stumbling through them as things didn’t quite go the way I expected, […]

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