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If It’s a Human, Then It Does Affect You


How often do we say, “That’s not my place to talk about it,” about issues affecting other people that do not look like us? As I make the conscience effort to apply the 5 Words of Healing, Unity, and Growth to my daily life, a simple fact is coming to light: If it’s human, then […]

The Functionality of Money


Think of money as a tool. As with any tool it can do harm or it can help communities depending on whose hands wield the tool. Those who  are in a position to contribute to their communities do a disservice to themselves by looking at this tool of money as though it posseses a personality of good or evil. They ignore the very tool necessary to create the positive outcomes they long to see.

The Necessity of Art in Today’s World


The Arts prompts dialogue between different groups of people allowing each group to feel equally represented as they contribute to the art or share their experience with the art, i.e how it made them feel. This equal representation is supported by the simple fact that there is no wrong answer when it comes to Art. […]

Are you working with unrealistic expectations?


Here’s the scenario: You have been allocated a $300 budget to deliver the client’s expected results without any staff support. The client wants a $10,000 product. Do you decline the project or do you see it as challenge and embrace it? Most would probably look at this and think, “Hey, I’m really good at what […]

Theatre is the science of humanity


Theatre is the systematic analysis of human behavior across timelines. It studies the action unit of the characters interacting with each other under a predetermined fate and changes the perspective given to audiences to find the answers to moral questions. Written out mathematically, the formula for theatre is [(a+b+c+d…)y]/z=x. Where ‘a,b,c,d…’ are the character types […]

Trend cycles are reliable


If human behavior trends reflect fashion trends, then expect to see a shift from the self-centered speech and action couched in disrespect to the beginnings of respect and valuing of each other. The pattern of trends is as follows: just as everyone starts doing the trend, it is on its way out the door and […]

Women, Break Through the Glass


Listen to the blog narration No time to read? Click on the headset to listen to our CEO narrate this blog. The Magnifying Glass of a Woman’s Behavior The unequal accountability begins at a young age. Girls are expected to apologize for anything that is unbecoming of a lady  – raised voices, assertion, being commanding, […]

Second step: Stop being emotionally led


Emotional manipulation has become a huge pattern in campaign ads and modern political messages. A statement is made. A second statement is made. The first statement makes a declaration. The second statement makes an accusation that has nothing to do with the first statement except that they share something in common, such as a single […]

Removing Moral Arguments


Rather than identifying an action as good or evil, think of it in terms of help or harm. This removes any moral justification that turns good to evil and evil to good. Actions that are defined as good, can just as easily be defined as evil, depending on that person’s perspective and whether they are the […]

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