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The Book of Job and How We Justify Suffering Today – PART 1


PART I: The Book of Job is a fascinating study of a discussion among legal professionals who attempt to find out why Job is suffering using their interpretation of law and tradition. Much of the determinations made here are used today by many people with good intentions to comfort those stricken with loss or tragedy. […]

Don’t just give them glitter


Back in my Jesus freak days I went abroad with other teens of my church to build a Vacation Bible School at St. Vincent, West Indies with the missionary the church supported there. My friends and I were feeling pretty proud at how we were able to bring the love of God to the kids […]

The 5 words for healing, unity, and growth


In taking on a difficult task of redefining the word stewardship into 5 words for a church, God revealed an even greater message to me in that job. It wasn’t until I started applying the 5 words to my own life, often times stumbling through them as things didn’t quite go the way I expected, […]

What if we are all just stardust . . .


Back in my Bible-thumper Jesus freak days of my youth, if anyone dared to mutter this phrase to me “What if we are all just stardust?” I would no doubt have been praying for their poor misguided New Age soul. Now that I’m older and I have expanded my viewpoint beyond just the Baptist philosophies […]

Christmas is Live-Action Stewardship


The rituals of Christmas focus our minds away from the chaos and clutter this season sometimes brings. The traditions allow us to tune into details often overlooked or taken for granted. Christmas is Live-Action Stewardship. It is a celebration of Christ’s birth. It is also a reminder of the power of unselfish love and giving […]

Is Time our Widow’s Mite?


When I received my quarterly giving statement, I was surprised to see that everything I gave as an offering to the church was tax deductible. Which got me thinking, if I am technically loaning money to the church that the government will pay me back for at the end of the year, is that really […]

About Deliberate God


I was first introduced to fractals as a student dramaturg for the play “Arcadia” where it is was my job to make fractals understandable to the general audience. Although I tried to understand the mathematics behind them, without understanding the basics of logarithms (log1) (logs2) which composed of their math, I was not successful beyond […]

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