Think Tank: Where Advocacy Meets Capitalism is a social experiment that brings together nonprofits, entrepreneurs, changemakers into the same room to see if we can create a supportive, collaborative, and cohesive community that will allow us to not only service the needs of the community but also support our own families and selves.

Global networking through Facebook Group, Think Tank: WAMC; Local networking (Richmond, VA) through Meetup – Think Tank: Where Advocacy Meets Capitalism.

We are lifting up our community/nation through our advocacy, our support, our discussions, and our economic contributions. Selling/promoting your products/services/companies/events IS ALLOWED here! It’s circulatory economics.


Become a part of the digital conversation on Facebook through Think Tank: WAMC while selling/promoting your products to the group. Webcasts available here!  (Must have access to Facebook.). $10/month

Local (Richmond, VA)

Local Networking Meetings through Meetup - Think Tank: Where Advocacy Meets Capitalism. $10/ticket.
Special Seminars TBA.

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