Where Advocacy Meets Capitalism is a Think Tank that brings together nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and individuals into the same room to create a supportive, cooperative, and cohesive community that focuses on that community need while bringing economic opportunities to the participants.

Local and Online Participants will have access to Global networking through the Facebook Group, WAMC: Redesign Your Thinking Think Tank

We are lifting up our community/nation through our advocacy, our support, our discussions, and our economic contributions. Selling/promoting your products/services/companies/events IS ALLOWED here! It’s circular economics.

Inspiration behind Think Tank: Where Advocacy Meets Capitalism

Since all of life uses a circular system for production – solar system, weather system, systems of the body, life cycle, food web, etc – then why do we treat economics linear, top-down? This social experiment explores what happens when groups that normally see each other as competition, join together in collaboration in order to solve a community need while increasing their ability to take care of themselves and their families. The desire to take care of ourselves and our families is the universal common denominator of all humanity.

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