The Functionality of Money

Profit and money have no soul, therefore, they can be neither good nor evil. They are only functional. Without profit, you do not have the means to produce your product without sacrificing your finances. Your ability to affect a positive outcome on the greater good becomes greatly diminished. Profit is the money you have left after you pay for your overhead, bills, employees, and replenish supplies. It is the money that gives your business extended life. Anyone can create a business, but without profit, that business will not last.

Think of money as a tool. As with any tool it can do harm or it can help communities depending on whose hands wield the tool. Those who  are in a position to contribute to their communities do a disservice to themselves by looking at this tool of money as though it posseses a personality of good or evil. They ignore the very tool necessary to create the positive outcomes they long to see.

As with any tool, it requires the wielder to understand how to operate it. How to work with it. How to use it to accomplish the goals of the tool bearer. Do not fear the tool. Do not look at the tool as if it will take possession of your soul. Money has no power in and of itself. The power is in the hands that wield it.

For those who have looked at money as something to be feared may experience anxiety when they take those first steps outside of the martyr mindset. This is common with the first experience with any tool that is new or unfamiliar. Yet, the more you work with money and become familiar with the math, the fear will fade and eventually disappear altogether leaving behind the feeling of confidence and empowerment.

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