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In Christ’s Sandals


In Christ’s Sandals: Removing Willful Blindness and Seeing God’s Love “Everyone who is of the truth, listens to my voice.” Pilate said to him, “What is truth?” John 8:37 How frustrating it is to be seen as a stereotype. To be judged not for who you are, but by someone’s assumption of who you are […]

The Analytical Skills of Theatre


RETHINKING THEATRE AS THE SCIENCE OF HUMANITY Theatre is the systematic analysis of human behavior across timelines. It is the science of humanity. In a theatrical script the data of the unchanging action points and conclusion are calculated with the changing variables of time and character. The goal is to find the moral justifications for […]

Growing Beyond the Roles


If we can see how quickly life evolves in our own lifetimes through our technology, medical science, and geological landscapes, why is it that when it comes to our own humanity we insist on moving backwards? We insist on holding on to these ideals of the past that do not reflect the progress of where we are today. We benefit daily from the knowledge of the discoveries that continually shape what we thought we knew, allowing even greater exploration into our world. If only we put that zealous attitude toward each other.

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