Snapshot of U.S. Law

No laws stop crime. They are not magical. They do not physcially restrain anyone from doing anything. The only control we truly have is over our own actions. When we make sure everyone is acting rationally and with respect then it will make those who choose to ignore the laws stand out more. That’s why you have laws. They are the humanitarian boundaries in the government that keep people from physical harm. 

When you get past the fluffy language of the Federalist Papers its pretty much common sense.

U.S Constitution

The US Constitution is the peace treaty between each state that we will cooperate, share our resources, and respect each other’s rules while being held to a standard code of creating those rules in each state so that fairness of distribution of resources are obtained and the size of the state does not make it more powerful than the other. 

State & Federal Codes

The individual laws created with the US Constitution at its core is the peace treaty between individuals that we will not host our own war parties and take things out of force. Whether it is an invasion of property, person, finances, or anything else. They are the codes of conduct that ensure fairness and independence of the individuals. 

Object Lesson for Greater Clarity

It’s like playing a game. When everyone knows the rules and abides by them the game is more fun and fair for all. When one person cheats the game is ruined for all but that person. Law enforcement is there to stop the cheaters. Penalties are there to prevent the cheating.