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Sometimes you just need to talk to someone who is easy to talk to. $15 session.

Cyber Bully Modification - LinkedIn

Got a cyberbullying problem on LinkedIn? Mental abusers are not good for business. Our CEO is a mental abuse expert. She will respectfully engage with the bully/bullies and spin the conversation to look more professional so your posts look more professional. Plus the continual engagement on the posts will get it more Reactions as the reach of the post expands to responders connections. 1 Week service (or 7 days). $100 USD

Cyber Bully Modification - Twitter

Got a cyberbullying problem on Twitter? Mental abusers are not good for your mental health and wellbeing. Our CEO is a survivor of mental abuse and became an expert in defending against their attacks. Let her fight your battle for you. 1 Day service. $15 USD

Transitional Coordinator

Have you become jaded by your career and wish to find your enthusiasm again? Or maybe you are transitioning from a career of isolation into becoming a social person of society with your retirement. Our CEO has 13 perspective lenses from which she views life and can help you rekindle the spark of life that you lost. Deposit: $100 - Each session lasts at least 30 mins.

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Messaging Engineer

Value of a product/company/person is relative to the perspective of the audience/potential & current clients. Value is the weight of importance a person assigns to a noun - a person, place, thing, company/organization, or idea. Changing the perspective of the message will instantly make it relatable to your intended audience. This service also applies to dramaturg and literary analysis.

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Creative Services

Empowerment Boost

We're a company that sells empowerment to create hope. Where hope exists doubt cannot. Where doubt is missing, fear cannot rule over hearts. Let us put together an empowerment boost packet for you! It will contain a message that is catered to your need. A T-shirt Design with that message available to purchase at our Redesign Your Thinking Online Store®. And an inspirational pick-me up story just for you! We can also do Bible story interpretations too – great for struggling churches! $100

Problem Solver

We find the root of your problem and then given you a step by step solution on how you can solve it yourself with help from your team using what you have on-hand. $50/hour

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In-Person Services offered by CEO, Shannon McCallister

Guest Speaker

Did I impress you with my podcasts and videos? Then invite me to speak at your event live or participate in your next forum or think tank.

Rational Humanitarian

This podcast series teaches you how to look at situations through a new way of seeing things: 1. government as a mathematical distribution of resources, populations, and revenues. 2. life as rationality, logistical sequence, and feelings

Modernizing the Words of the Federalist Papers for Today's Audience

This series podcast interprets the 85 letters of the Federalist Papers into simple everyday language of today.

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