Step 2: Discover your own value

Consultation Services offered

Message Engineering

What does your story say about you? Our Messaging Engineer is an expert at making you instantly relatable to your intended audience. 
Hourly sessions available.

Face-to-face appointments offered at the North Courthouse Library at 325 Courthouse Rd., Chesterfield, VA or Starbucks 10009 Hull Street Oxbridge Square, Richmond, VA 

Appointments available on Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Systems Thinking/ Streamline Strategist for Local Nonprofits, Municipalities, and Churches

Do you have a dream for your nonprofit or church but cannot find the way to make it into a reality? Are you looking at the right place: inside your organization at the people and resources you already have on hand? Contract Redesign Your Thinking LLC to put together a plan that works for you using what you have already. The time for action is now, not when you have this “ideal” environment of people and money. Money can only travel from hand to hand, it’s the people who create and build. Let’s see what we can make happen at your nonprofit or church so you can start changing the world, one community at a time.

Marketing Services offered

Press Release Rewrite

Boring press releases got you singing the blues? Let Redesign Your Thinking rewrite them for you.

3 Day turnaround time

Press Release Rewrite