Second step: Stop being emotionally led

Emotional manipulation has become a huge pattern in campaign ads and modern political messages. A statement is made. A second statement is made. The first statement makes a declaration. The second statement makes an accusation that has nothing to do with the first statement except that they share something in common, such as a single word. The supporting information that follows only backs up the second statement and uses paranoia, fear, and risk of danger and harm to hide the fact that the first statement has nothing really to do with the second statement it just sounds like it does. So when people try to defend the overall statements they are pulling research that the supporting information directed them to pull. But that supporting research was not actually tied to the initial statement being made.

Sometimes the first statement is the accusation and the second one is the declaration. Regardless of order, the pattern is the same. Look for it the next time you see or hear an ad. See beyond the emotion they are trying to create by it. Resist your initial knee-jerk reaction. Choose not to be emotionally manipulated. You’ll have less spikes in your blood pressure while on Facebook and Twitter if you do.

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