Removing Moral Arguments

Rather than identifying an action as good or evil, think of it in terms of help or harm. This removes any moral justification that turns good to evil and evil to good. Actions that are defined as good, can just as easily be defined as evil, depending on that person’s perspective and whether they are the doer of the action or the receiver of it.

The concept of help or harm is applicable to any issue. Does this help the person get the work done, or does it harm the completion of that work by creating an obstacle? Does this help the family accomplish their goal of providing, or does it harm the family in reaching that goal? Does it help the company produce profit necessary for its existence, or does it harm in those profits? Does it help the workers of that company remain at that company, or does it harm their continuation of employment?

By observing situations from a help or harm point of view, or efficiency or non-efficiency perspective, it allows objectivity in that observation so a rational decision is reached. Try it and see what happens to your frame of thinking.

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