Power is Given

Power is given from one person to another. To remove the power of a person over you requires that you stop giving them the power over you. Once you stop expecting them to solve your problems you are free to look inside yourself for your own answers.

When a group starts working together, the power that is amassed in that group will far outweigh any power of a single individual. Instead of fighting against each other because of labels, we can work together to build a future where we can all take care of ourselves and our families. Because at the core of humanity, we all share this same goal: taking care of ourselves and our families. In the heat of emotional turmoil is very easy to forget this shared commonality that exists in all of us.

When we realize this common link, then money, fear, and hate will no longer have dominion over us. Because these things cannot have power over us unless we let them. Opinions of the other person can only affect us if we give them the power to affect us.

Words only have power if we let them in to our hearts. So which words will you let in? Words that build up or words that destroy? Words of love or words of hate? Words of division or words of unity? It’s your choice. You alone have the power of what you let into your heart and mind. This is the heart of freewill and freedom.