Kindness Mission

The Core of the Kindness Mission

The Kindness Mission Pledge

RESPONSIBILITY: I will accept personal responsibility and personally invest my time and resources into my community to create the future I want to see for my community. 

RESPECT:  I will do my best to extend respect to everyone in my community, acknowledging that life experiences are valuable viewpoints for solving problems.

ENGAGE:  I realize that I cannot expect one person to solve the problems in my community.  It requires collaboration and teamwork. 

PARTNER:  I will do my best to teach my community the importance of engaging with each other and partnering with each other to build a better community

Kindness Mission Newsletter

When you join the Kindness Mission you will automatically be subscribed to our Kindness Mission Newsletter. Here you will learn some great tools for carrying the work of this pledge into your community; inspiration for motivation; and stories of other Kindness Mission pledgees.

Together we can heal the fractures in our communities and create the futures we want to see while spreading hope and empowerment to each other.

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