Growing Beyond the Roles

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Holding onto the past

I am surrounded by my costuming past. Piles of tools and equipment flank me. To the right are mannequins, dress forms, sergers, and sewing machines. At my back tower stacks of gallon sized rubber containers filled with fabric and bookcases full of costuming manuals and fashion books. These are the representations of finances spent for a career that has morphed into something else. Yet, this fantasy of a supermom, making whatever costume my daughter demands still holds rank in my mind, when knowing full well, that when the time comes, I will probably go on Amazon and buy the costume for her at a discount price. Why is it so hard to let go of something from my past that has not only taken up so much valuable space, but has created an unnecessary burden on my relationships and personal well being? All because of an insistence of fantasy that is not realistic to the direction my life has come. While holding on to this unrealistic image of presumed happiness, I inadvertently cause distress and discomfort to those around me who are forced to share the space taken up by these objects of disuse. Objects now becoming homes of dust mites and potential spider havens.

Reality skewed by fantasy

Reality is often impacted by fantasy. Instead of facing the reality of how experiences and interactions with each other naturally take us through its enlightenment, we stifle that natural flow of progression with an insistence that traditions must be upheld. Even when the traditions have a history of pain and human suffering attached to them. How easy it is hide behind these fantastical ideas of the past. Influenced by iconic characters whose personal histories have been elevated to make a more compelling story. All while beating back the natural progression of change with our insistence.

We are not our ancestors

If we can see how quickly life evolves in our own lifetimes through our technology, medical science, and geological landscapes, why is it that when it comes to our own humanity we insist on moving backwards? We insist on holding on to these ideals of the past that do not reflect the progress of where we are today. We benefit daily from the knowledge of the discoveries that continually shape what we thought we knew, allowing even greater exploration into our world. If only we put that zealous attitude toward each other. Expanding beyond the old traditional roles assigned by the past. Recognizing that we are not our grandparents. We are not our ancestors. We are own time. And our actions today will affect the generations of the future.

Time to shed the insistence

It is time that we shed the insistence of what life was and focus on what life will be. It is time to make room for the progress of others in our own lives. When we remove these traditional roles from our minds that counter the natural progression of discovery and evolvement, we will find our freedom of movement necessary for innovation and invention. We will have the space to breathe and live to our full potentials and not have that potential limited to these preconceived roles of our ancestral past.