The False Lure of Wealth

The power of mass production wealth and why consumers have more buying power than they know.

Let’s say I have a customer base of 1 million customers and I sell them each a product of $10 where I take only a 1% cut for myself. If I can convince them to buy that same product each week for an entire year, at the end of the year I will have $52,000,000 for myself and $520,000,000 for my company.

When you look at a CEO with exorbitant wealth then you can trace that wealth back to the small % taken from a wide population of customers. But when you reduce those customers, the accumulation of that percentage delivers a lot less wealth than it used to.

When dealing with a customer base in the millions your returns are going to be high no matter how much percentage you take. The example above was only $1 taken from 1 million customers buying a $10 product each week for a year. Now, our country is accumulating much higher percentage from a much higher base. How fast do you think those numbers will grow into the billions and trillions?

The important thing to remember about wealth however is that wealth can only build wealth, lose wealth, or transfer wealth. It cannot magically create characteristics in its holder, such as intelligence, if they are not already there. And it does not turn a sinner into a saint if their actions are not saintly. Wealth is purely functional, not magical.

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