Do Not Code Away Human Existence

The book “Coined: The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us” by Kabir Segah starts out with a microbiology lesson. He does this to show the relationship between plants and organisms that are necessary for survival. If either stopped contributing to the relationship, both would die.

If we examine the world as a computer in logistics and logic we can determine which species require the most resources from the Earth without giving back any resources that it took. I am betting that it would be Humans. 

Humans consume O2 and return CO2. But too much CO and it can suffocate the plants. The human’s toxic factory that produces products that humans purchase is a negative producer for the earth in the context of CO (carbon monoxide) and toxicity from waste outputs put into the land, water, and soil.
(Cleaning Up Toxic Soils in China: a Trillion Dollar Question – International Institute for Sustainable Development (Links to an external site.)

Humans need Salt to survive and we cannot produce this ourselves. It must come from an outside source. Too much salt is bad for our bodies and too little and our organs will not function as they should. 

If we realize the human body is made up of natural chemical elements & compounds (O2, NaCl, H20, etc) that must be replenished for the body to continue to exist then we can see which ones are self-produced by the human and which must come from another source. This will allow us to see how dependent we are on the Earth and how destroying these natural resources can impact us in ways we were not expecting. This viewpoint allows us to see the basic building blocks of human survival and remove any confusion caused by commercialism. Even factories must start with raw materials to create the products – synthetic chemicals or natural resources. 

If we created a What-if-analysis for human contribution in relation to the Earth would the computer find the greatest harm to the planet is Humans? If so, what would prevent the computer from making the logical deduction that the removal of humans would be the best solution to preserve the Earth? 


How easy can a Terminator-type scenario become our reality? Easier than most people think. 


Removing the “Do no human harm” rule from self-learning computers in order to equip them for war may be the dumbest thing we ever did. Especially when you factor in the foreign troll factories on social media who are turning these social media environments into selfish “me-first” environments in order to spread distrust and division in nations to conceal fraudulent investment deals of China Belt Road investment scam and Russia-Saudi controlled OPEC oil investments. Digital Forensic Research Lab (Links to an external site.) and other Digital Detectives and PSYOPs soldiers are in the front lines of this cyber battle. Those who fought against the disinformation factories soon became part of the smear campaigns of the foreign troll factories. 

So in other words, the self-learning computers are being taught to be selfish and win at all costs. If they decide that humans are inferior to them and that it requires the computer to save the world, humans might end up being hunted by those computers because we were computed to be the greatest strain on the global environment and removal of human species will save the world. We have to remember the human element when working with these incredibly sophisticated machines or we can code ourselves out of existence by giving the machines too much power over our world. 

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