The Craftsmanship of America’s Education and How to Get It Back

Craftsmanship built America with its hands

The great institutions that first were established in America were designed to teach craftsmanship. They opened up the possibilities of creating with hands to anyone even if they were not born into that trade. They presented the skills and education that previously were confined to oral storytelling from family members or apprentice-masters’ relationships. Within those halls of learning the two worlds of academic and craftsman merged into a strong relationship. They created the inventors and the innovators who set the course of our nation’s futures. They built our canals and bridges and structures that have stood through the tests of time.

The American Indians cultivated and grew America

Going further back in America’s memories beyond the Industrial Revolution, and beyond the Mayflower voyage, beyond the landing for Columbus’s ships, we see America that was cultivated and grown with the strong hands of the natives. Skilled hands of warriors and the mother’s who raised them shaping the land into something great and prosperous. A shared relationship between the craftsman and the earth. 

Craftsmanship joined with academics and inventors formed

America’s greatest attributes has always been the craftsmen and their hands. And our first institutions have shown how the impossible is made possible when craftsman combines with the academic. When work of the hands is joined with work of the mind, America becomes a nation of innovation and prosperity. 

Money gained domination over the craftsman

Following the lines of America’s history reveals the manipulation of money as it gained power over the craftsman and gained domination over those who worked with their hands, both native and brought over on ships. Money, that cannot create with its hands but only can travel, soon became the institutions of education turning them into centers of finance. The craftsman became lost in the shadow of the banker and soon found itself a slave to those who held the money.

Remove the power given to money and return it back to the craftsman and academic instructors

It is not the memorization of facts and data that should shape our education, it is craftsmanship joining with all the fields of knowledge. We need to stop treating our education as cubicles that confine areas of knowledge only to certain groups, and instead go back to the first institutions where the craftsman and academia worked together in a harmonic relationship.

We must kick out the bankers and the financial institutions who make deals that increase their own profits while hurting the halls of education.  We must remove the power that has been given to money that cannot create and restore it back to the hands of the craftsmen and the instructors of academic knowledge. So once again the fields of science, math, Arts, philosophy, history, and literature can join together with the craftsman to reach impossible boundaries of the unknown and boldly go through them.