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Lifting up our nation up by its bootstraps through our advocacy, our support, and our economic contributions. Selling your products IS ALLOWED here! Participants must read and abide by the rules before joining.

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Read the Rules

Maintain Respect for each others’ person and point of views
Comment only on the issue and not personally attack the person (including accusations of stupid, ignorant, or physical characteristic put downs.)

We will not all agree on everything, but we can lend each other respect and decency as we all present our views, even if done passionately.
No Name Calling
This includes all the little nicknames that have surfaced on social media to identify groups.
No Stereotype Language
We are all an individual and would hate to have our entire being reduced to label that does not represent who we are. So don’t do it.
No Scams
Because this group page opens itself up to its members advertising their products on it, it risks exposure to scams. DON’T BE TEMPTED! Suspected violators will be reported to the Federal Trade Commission for further investigation.
Be Courteous of Other’s Products and Businesses
The appeal of a consumer is varied and vast. What is hated by one will be loved by another. Therefore, it is important that this group does NOT use the advertisement posts of the members to bring them down. As Thumper the bunny says, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
Be Willing to Listen and Hear Each Other Out
Cutting our minds off from each other is not what this group is about. If you want that, find another group. It’s a big Online Universe out there.
Sharing Of Posts is Allowed
This is a public group page. So be mindful of that when posting information. The unwritten rule of the internet is best here: If you don’t want the public to know about it, or that it came from you, then don’t post here.
Advertising of Your Products and Services Are Allowed
This is probably the only advocacy group page out there that allows its members to advertise to each other. A Rational Liberal Capitalist is unique in that way. Do not abuse this priviledge (see Rule 4: No Scams).
Act Like Adults
This rule is all-encompassing. And covers anything that was left out. Use your own mature judgment and treat people as you would want to be treated. Allow each other the space to change his/her mind.
Penalties for Violating Rules
Unless otherwise specified, the following are the steps taken for any violation of rules:
1. First offense: warning
2. Second offense: warning
3. Third offense: removed from group.
4. Violations of U.S. Code including threats of violence will be reported to proper authorities.

Legal disclaimer: Redesign Your Thinking LLC is not liable for any conversations or products sold on this forum that is not part of the Redesign Your Thinking LLC or Redesign Your Thinking Online Store™ merchandise or direct communication by the brand.