A Community Investment

What Good are Taxes?

Imagine if there was a crowdfunding program that benefited entire communities that only cost its investors 30 cents a week with a $30,000 a week yield. You would say “Sign me up for that!” or “No way!” depending on which side of the coin you view – heads: positive/tails: negative. Would it surprise you to learn that taxes are an investment in our communities? It is the one thing that guarantees the economic circulation of funds. It also ensures monies taken in by those who work in or visit that community, are circulated back into that community. Taxes prevents hoarding of funds as well as prevents the money from being diverted outside of the community that houses the businesses and people.


With just a few coins a day, or a week, a person can guarantee the continued growth of their cities and towns. The circulation of those coins build and maintain schools, municipalities, federal offices, rescue centers, police stations, and more. It passes through the hands of retail merchants and child care providers; restaurant owners and hospital workers; mothers and fathers; and even the small hands of kids.

If taxes give such a benefit of return requiring so little of an investment, why is it they have turned into a device of evil? When did 30 cents become gold when before it was ignored if it fell between our car’s seat cushion and gear shift or gobbled up by the seat cushions of our couches? Why do we now bicker angrily with each other over the few coins that we thought so little of before?


Taxes have always been functional. They are the modern day crowdfunding of communities that asks very little from its investors and promises tremendous yields on those investments. Instead of looking at money as evil, which has no actual soul or emotional value, we should instead ask if the ones we are trusting to manage the money are doing so with full transparency and accountability.

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“Taxes are community investment. As a taxpayer you are your community’s investor. The benefit is your ROI.” 

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