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Taxes: An Investment in America & the Community

NEW ECONOMIC THEORY: Circular Economics of Taxes
  • 1. ALL Corporations invest with taxes
  • 2. Combines with pooled money of America's shareholders (taxpayers)
  • 3. Distributed proportionally to States and federal government needs
  • 4. Combines with pooled money of each States' shareholders (taxpayers)
  • 5. Distributed proportionally to counties and state's needs
  • 6. Combines with county's shareholders (taxpayers)
  • 7. Alleviates financial burden of individuals giving them more discretionary income to buy what they want rather than need-based only
  • 8. American consumers buy more from US companies
  • 9. Increased sale volumes increase US companies' shareholder value
  • 10. New shareholders are attracted to the United States
  • Repeat
Investment Math of Taxes

Imagine if there was a crowdfunding program that benefited entire communities that only cost its investors 24 cents a day with a $420,000 a week yield. You would say “Sign me up for that!” or “No way that’s possible!”. Taxes are an investment in America and the community. The taxpayer is the shareholder of America and his/her community. The tax refund is the annual equity for the time and money given to America over the year. The ROIs are the community benefits. Why would taking the equity of the shareholder of America and giving that equity to corporate shareholders who hoarded money from America in the first place be good for America?

Small Investments Yield Large Returns
250,000 investors x $.01/hour= $20.8 MILLION/year

With just a penny an hour a person can guarantee the continued growth of their cities and towns. The circulation of those pennies build and maintain schools, municipalities, federal offices, rescue centers, police stations, and more. It passes through the hands of retail merchants and child care providers; restaurant owners and hospital workers; mothers and fathers; and even the small hands of kids.

Corporations who invest in America with their taxes are investing in the continued growth of their potential and current American consumers. They are empowering the American buyer’s status in the global market and ensuring future companies will be drawn to the American consumer. Corporations who invest in America are establishing longevity for their companies. If Made in America is the banner by which they stand, then why would they hoard their money in overseas’ accounts to avoid paying taxes?

If "Made in America" is the banner by which they stand, then why would corporations hoard their money in overseas' accounts to avoid paying taxes?

Taxes are an investment in our communities and America. It is the one thing that guarantees the economic circulation of funds. It also recirculates monies taken in by those who work in or visit that community back into that community. Taxes prevents hoarding of funds and diversions of funds outside of the community that houses the businesses and residents.

Removing the Evil Eye of Taxes So Its Functionality Is Seen

If taxes give such a benefit of return requiring so little of an investment, why have they been turned into a device of evil? When did pennies become gold when before it was ignored if it fell between our car’s seat cushion and gear shift or gobbled up by the seat cushions of our couches? Why do we now bicker angrily with each other over the pennies we thought so little of before?

"Why do we now bicker angrily with each other over the pennies we thought so little of before?"

Taxes have always been functional. They are the revenue source for governments. They are the modern day crowdfunding of communities that asks very little from its investors and promises tremendous yields on those investments. Instead of looking at money as evil, which has no actual soul or emotional value, we should instead ask if the ones we are trusting to manage the money are doing so with full transparency and accountability.

250,000 investors is one county's population size.
120 counties (one state) creates $2.5 BLLION in one year.
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