Think Tank: Church of the Rebels

Church of the Rebels

If you have felt rejected in other spiritual groups or just want a place to talk about what you believe, this is the place for you. ALL RELIGIONS are accepted here. Even the choice to not believe in any God at all. 

Taoist-Christianity a New Style of Christianity that reflects the Empath Nature of Jesus Christ. The Wandering Philosopher of Unity and Peace who made friends with the Outcasts being an Outcast Himself.

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Have you ever felt like the man in the story Jesus told who threw a dinner party for his friends but no one showed up? Instead, each friend had an excuse why they could not come or did not want to come.  The excuses seemed important to that person, two had bought something that needed their attention and the other just got married. Yet, even though the excuses seemed valid, the man throwing the dinner party was really hurt, angry in fact. Rather than allow the food to go to waste he sent out invites to anyone in the streets to come and enjoy the feast.


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