Choose to Do

Choose to Do

The roots of a vegetable are not pretty or glamourous. They do not take top billing in a vegetable advertisement. They are not the thing to showcase when wanting to attract buyers to the food. Yet, below the ground the roots become the most important part of the plant. They are the transportation systems between the nutrients in the ground and the plant at the surface. Without the roots the vegetable would not survive. 

"Without the roots the vegetable would not survive."
Being a root is hard work that goes unappreciated

 It’s strange how something that is paramount for the vegetable’s survival is treated like waste once the vegetable leaves the soil. Being a root can’t be an easy life. It’s a life of hard work with very little fanfare or reward. As long as the roots are doing their job, they are ignored and taken for granted. 

The root is obscured by the dirt

The first thing noticed when looking at the roots of a plant pulled from the soil is the dirt. And because of this dirt, the roots are often assumed to be the waste product of the plant. The thing you cut off of the plant, before displaying the vegetable on the pretty setups of glamour in order to win over hearts of the buyers.

It's easy to blame the root

When people look at a garden they remark about the grandness of the vegetable while the roots go unnoticed unless they are sick and threaten the vegetable by the disease they carry. Even then, the concern still remains about the wellbeing of the plant, the vegetable, while blaming the root.

It's easy to be a critic

Do we act like this in our daily lives? Judging people by their surface appearance while ignoring the inner roots? Assuming that the aesthetic of the person is all that matters. It is very easy to be a critic. To blame everyone else for the problems in our lives. To assume that if we cut off the people that are dirty and unglamorous that life will be better. Without realizing that if we do that, then we find out exactly how important the roots were to our lives. 

What about our own actions in the communities we live in? Do we play the part of the critic eager to blame others for the problems that we see without even considering how we can play the role of the root? A role where we become a part of a root system in the community by joining our small actions of doing with others. If we only focus on the product and not the process, then how can ever hope to have a future we want to see for ourselves and our families? Choose to be like the root. Choose to do.

"Choose to be like the root. Choose to do."

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