About our CEO

Snapshot of our CEO

I am an Artist. I look at the world as an Artist – variety of elements that can be used to create. What are the elements? Anything and everything: history, philosophies, math, science, objects, intangibles, tangibles, tools, ideas, old sayings, emotions, reactions, words, images, dreams, commodities…EVERYTHING. When someone tells me something is impossible I answer, “No, it just hasn’t been discovered yet.” When someone tells me I can’t do something because of who they labeled me as, I look at them and say, “Who says?” and “Watch me.” 

I am trained to dream like a designer and plan like an engineer. As a Specialized Apparel Engineer, my measure of error was 3/16″ of an inch, therefore precision was key. I worked with unstable fibers that shifted over time by the pull of gravity if the grains did not line up on their x/y axis correctly. Such misalignment would ruin a project before the first stitch went down. I converted 2D forms into 3D forms. The 3D forms are never identical and adjustments always have to be made. I architected illusions and dreams on a real stage using thread and fabric. Often I would be given nothing more than a script – a play, a musical, an operatic libretto – and told to create false personalities out of normal people and make the audience buy into it long enough to be pulled in by the story. I created illusions and dreams on a real stage using thread and fabric.  

I am a jack of all trades. I have worked in large-scale manufacturing plants and global distribution, warehouse, shipping, marketing, teaching, web design, dental, food, the Arts, retail, e-commerce, nonprofits, and religious institutions. Every time I worked in a new place or in a new occupational field I found patterns of similarities. Every time I gained a new perspective lens, such as legal systems or economics, I saw how they connected to others. Could it be that the only thing that separated one occupation from the other was the tools we use, where we used them, and the labels we used to define it? And are the labels the real instruments that measure worth and not the person? 

Redesign Your Thinking LLC is a philosophical exploration into the question of value. How do we define it? Can we change the value by changing the definition of things? Is value relative to perspective? I believe that it is. And I will prove it through my company. Because if value is relative then stereotypes have no purpose or use. Therefore, they should be easy to destroy these labels to allow the people who were restricted behind them to break free and grow to their full potential. Growing up in the Appalachian Mountains, being a woman, and having a degree in costume design/apparel engineering I have gotten to experience their restrictive properties first hand. Good thing that I am an Artist, and I do not let boundaries restrict me. I simply redesign them. Because I am scrappy and resourceful like that

Owner/CEO – Shannon Bohn McCallister