Company purpose:

Destroy stereotypes by spreading hope and empowerment.

Redesign Your Thinking, LLC is a logic based company that will destroy stereotypes by spreading hope and empowerment.
When you think differently, you see your own value.

Step 1: Create Conversations that Destroy Stereotypes

Redesign Your Thinking Online Store™ merchandise is designed to be bold with built in empowerment. Wear these strong statements in your community and through your conversations, stereotypes are destroyed.

Redesign Your Thinking Online Store™(s)

Two Merchandise Collections: Mental Makeover & Deliberate God

Step 2: Discover your own value

Do you feel like you can’t connect to your clients with your products or services? Do you feel like you are running around in circles with no direction? Let us help.

Step 3: Gain new perspectives

Redesign Your Thinking Blog Series

Rethink how you judge yourself and each other. Break down the barriers that restrict your own personal success.

Rethink God using logic, science, philosophy, math, the Arts, and even psychology. Discover the powerful Engineer of our Universe.

Rethinking the words of the Federalist Essays by presenting them in modern day memes. May their words reunite our country today as they did in 1878.

Step 4: Gain Joy when you Spread Hope

Join the Mission:

Be the trendmaker for unity in your community! Heal the fractures and divisions in your community.

We are a .blog site but we also have .com domain. We just choose to use the .blog to elevate its value.

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