Company purpose:

We are a startup company that elevates exploited people and issues to a corporate level and provides step-by-step doable solutions to solve problems that affect societal growth. 

A nonviolent intellectual Revolution of Law, Ethics, & Logic.

Provide opportunities for communication, engagement, and personal growth

Creating Conversations - Mindset changes

Redesign Your Thinking Blog Series

Breaking down barriers of the mind by changing the perspective. When you think differently, you find the answers to your problems are right in front of you and inside you.

Rethink God using logic, science, philosophy, math, the Arts, and even psychology. Discover the powerful Engineer of our Universe.

 Learn federal laws & the laws in your state so you no longer get exploited by rule-breaking politicians.
Logical step by step doable solutions offered here to solve problems in your community.

Empowering kids while learning to see life through their eyes.

Podcasts & Vlogs

Our CEO often receives compliments for her fresh perspective on life. Now you can gain this uplifting beneift anytime of the day or night. Listen as she provides thought-provoking interpretations of life and social issues. She is a scientist of humanity and she sees the world differently – logistically, logically, and creatively.

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Artist Revolution: Save Humanity from Destroying Itself
Debilitating Pattern of Fear: the Pathway to Dictatorships

Church of the Rebels – Taoist Christianity

Glitterati God - IT'S NOT ABOUT THE GLITTER : Sermon 5 Church of the Rebels
Study with Empathy: Humbling the Mind: Church of the Rebels Sermon 6

Take us to the Streets – Redesign Your Thinking Online Store®

Designed by a costume designer everything comes with built-in empowerment. Wear it, carry it, and share it to destroy stereotypes while exercising your First Amendment rights. 

Our Collections:

Bold products for Bold People! Are you a Redesign Your Thinking Trendsetter?

From the Mental Makeover Collection

Consultation Services - meet our CEO and your corporate lobbyist

Discover the value you have inside you. Gain the insight to reach your goals.

Messaging Engineer

Communicate the value of yourself, your vision, or your products so that it is instantly relatable to your audience.

Problem Solver

Streamline strategies to reach your goals using what you already have on-hand. Step-by-step solution

Guest Speaker

Learn to look at your situation differently. Gain empathy and connection. Invite our CEO, Shannon McCallister, to speak at your next gathering/event.

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